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We understand the importance of sustainable transportation solutions in today's rapidly evolving world. Our advanced safety features ensure pedestrian safety and the safety of other road users while in operation.


Our mission is to provide efficient and sustainable, electric mobility options that are safe to use, enhance the efficiency of businesses and also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

Join us in our mission to create cleaner, greener cities for future generations. Experience the convenience, comfort, and sustainability of electric mobility with Cityshuttle today. Let's ride towards a brighter, more sustainable future together.


Improve Your

Our mobility solutions require much less space than vans or trucks, both in terms of storage and manoeuvring. This ultimately reduces congestion on roads, contributing to smoother traffic flow and less fleet costs.

Use Existing Cycle Lane Infrastructure

Dedicated bike lanes and paths offer direct routes with fewer stops and traffic lights, allowing us to navigate urban areas more quickly and predictably.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our vehicles have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to motorised vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change impact.

Unique Advertising Opportunity

Each vehicle is fitted with 2 x QLED screens running adverts - 6 seconds per advert. Sunlight readable and vibration tested, perfect for DOOH (digital-out-of-home) marketing campaigns.

The Future of
Urban Mobility

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Fit for purpose

Each type of vehicle we design is specially equip for its duties, whether its delivering the last-mile or transporting people.

We design safe bikes which are inspected before each ride and GPS tracked during every ride.



All lights on our bikes are supplied by Truck-Lite, the worldwide leader in advanced LED lighting systems for commercial trucks, trailers and heavy-duty vehicles. With over 250 patents, they're also an innovation epicentre for the transportation and defence industries.

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AI camera / mirrors

[1080P high definition video] support 2-channel camera input, provides split-view image to cover blind spots and easily see pedestrians and other road users when operating the bike.

All cabs have 360 view of the bike between 6 cameras.

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Safety first...

At Cityshuttle, safety is our top priority. It is the most crucial element in developing our revolutionary e-bike technology. We are committed to keeping pedestrians safe. We have a number of high-tech measures fitted to ensure public safety.


Currently, in our advanced testing stages, we are ensuring our vehicles meet regulated safety certifications, poised to transform last-mile delivery and urban transport.


All vehicles will include brakes designed specially for large cargo bikes, 360-degree view camera setup, audio alerts to riders alerting of pedestrian near and regulatory certification on batteries and chargers for the safest ride possible.

Logo icon for ePack, incorporating last-mile delivery theme in a dark green, symbolising sustainability and green living.."
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ePack - Union Street.JPG
ePack - Union Street2.JPG

ePack has 4m³ capacity, the largest last-mile cargo bike available.There is an option for two-wheeled trolleys, allowing operators to optimise sortation and loading of the bike.

Advanced safety features, including 360-degree cameras which monitor the surroundings of the bike, ensuring safe usage in pedestrian zones. Paired with a white noise signal and an EVAS sounder, it softly alerts pedestrians of its presence, enhancing safety for everyone in its proximity.

ePack - City of London.JPG

ePack is designed to navigate through existing and future cycling infrastructure. At just 900mm wide, the ePack is pedestrian zone friendly and can access areas traditional vehicles cannot.

4000L of cargo space provides the versatility and capacity required to meet last-mile delivery needs while reducing fleet costs and carbon emissions without compromising on cargo capacity.

Logo for GECO taxi service.

Trips across your city made easy with our prebook or a hail-a-ride service. 

In central London, GECO can cover one mile in five minutes, making it the fastest mode of public transport. Using road and cycle infrastructure to swiftly get from A to B.

Carries two people comfortably in the rear private carriage, equipped with air-conditioning, bluetooth/radio, folding table and an intercom to speak with the driver.

Future franchise opportunities available for GECO.

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Our Supplier Partners

For over 40 years Cobra Seats has been manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom, earning a reputation that unites innovative technology, quality of design and functional elegance

Cobra Seats

Logo for Cobra seats; The world's finest automotive seats
Logo for Hughes Europe, recognised as a top innovator in Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Digital Signage Solutions list
Logo for Muc-Off, the most innovative cleaning products .
Logo for Oxford products, the leading global supplier of motorcycle and bicycle products
Schwalbe logo, the specialist for bicycle tyre​​ technology for the optimal driving experience

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