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About Cityshuttle

Founded in 2018, Cityshuttle aim to revolutionise urban mobility and provide sustainable last-mile logistics which operate emissions free.

Our scalable solution is not only delivering proven, real world commercial benefits but also helping to move towards cleaner and healthier cities for everyone.

In a world where sustainable transportation solutions are becoming increasingly crucial, Cityshuttle is dedicated to leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future. We envision cities where efficient, electric mobility options not only enhance businesses' operations but also significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

ePack4 the ultimate last-mile cargo bike
A game-changer in the world of urban logistics. Built to address the shortcomings of existing solutions in the market, the ePack4 sets a new standard for cargo mobility with 4m3 capacity. We have also designed two sortation trolleys which allow operators to easy handle multiple parcels at once and optimise loading, storage and finding parcels.

ePack4 - London .JPG

Optimised for Urban Navigation
Measuring just 900mm wide, Cityshuttle is pedestrian zone-friendly and perfectly suited for manoeuvring through high-traffic areas inaccessible to traditional vehicles. Our compact ePack design doesn't compromise on cargo capacity, offering a generous 4m³ (4000L) cargo space.

Safe for use in pedestrian areas

All vehicles will include 360-degree camera view, audio alerts to riders and regulatory certification on batteries and chargers for the safest ride possible. We are in our advanced testing stages and we are ensuring our vehicles, which will transform last mile delivery and urban transport, through meeting rigorous safety certification.

AI camera monitoring 360-degree view of bike

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 17.02.41.png

Recording (Left mirror - rear facing camera

Safety features

AI cameras - View down each side, rear and blind spots (recording) VISIONTRACK - Global Leader in AI Video Telematics
Automotive standard lights - Headlights, indicators, brake lights, sidelights TRUCKLITE - Global Leader in LED lighting for commercial trucks, trailers and heavy-duty vehicles. 

EVAS Sounder - Emits an audible motor sound to alert pedestrians to electric, hybrid, and commercial vehicles driving at low speeds. TRUCKLITE / ECCO
White noise signal - For operating in pedestrian zones (and when reversing)
Horn - Alert others of other presence.
Driver voice alert - Pedestrian left/right alerts; recorded to the cloud VISIONTRACK Telematics reports - Cornering speeds, harsh braking, average speed, collision footage (front dashcam) VISIONTRACK

My vision was always for Cityshuttle to design and develop a range of sustainable, green, urban transport solutions. Working with  innovative designers, my ambition to bring these products to fruition is about to become reality.


In-house prototyping is an essential part of Cityshuttle’s design process. It helps us quickly produce and test prototypes, iterate designs efficiently, and optimise performance. This allows us to develop high-quality parts and reduce the risk of final production errors.

Design Engineer

At Cityshuttle, above all else safety is paramount. It is the most important element when we are developing our revolutionary e-bike.

Digital Media

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