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Fleet World - World’s largest e-cargo bike available for business lease

Natalie Middleton

15 Mar 2024

Cityshuttle’s newly launched e-cargo bike is available for business lease – providing businesses with a sustainable urban transport solution.

The British start-up, founded in 2018, says the ePack4 is the world’s largest last-mile delivery cargo bike and also delivers unique trailer options and digital out-of-home advertising features for a flexible delivery solution.

Built to address the shortcomings of existing solutions in the market, the ePack4 measures just 900mm wide, making it able to access cycle lanes and safely navigate pedestrianised spaces.

The compact design doesn’t compromise on cargo capacity and the ePack4 offers 4m3 of cargo capacity – double the industry standard according to the business – and a 350kg payload.

It’s built with a steel powder-coated chassis and forged aluminium wheels, paired with a fly-by-wire high-torque drivetrain – ensuring durability and reliability and said to eliminate common issues around wheels, gears and sprockets suffered by rivals.

Top speed stands at 25km/h (15.5mph) and the interchangeable batteries have an official range of 60-100km (37-62 miles).

Options include a box trailer, refrigerated, flat bed, tipper or 2m3 option – and trailer swap can be achieved in under two minutes.

EPack4 also enables digital out-of-home advertising whilst out on daily operations, thanks to its pair of 43-inch QLED screens, providing mobile advertising banners that are sunlight readable.

It’s also fitted with GPS tracking, remote fleet management and live CCTV, offering data to fleet managers through its private portal login.

The ePack4 is available now for business lease and Cityshuttle is also exploring partnerships with other operators and organisations to expand its reach in the coming months. This includes working with funding partners to expand on a large-scale volume basis to service both the UK and European markets.

Founder and CEO Keith Jones said: “We are thrilled to introduce the ePack4, the world largest last-mile cargo delivery bike. Green in colour, green by nature.

“We are looking to become the go to manufacturer for last-mile logistics. Whether it’s cargo, refrigerated, local authorities, we have a flexible solution for all.

“We have a low centre of gravity allowing for operators to wheel stillages in and out with ease. We are currently in the process of designing bespoke stillages to fit the ePack4.

“My vision was always for Cityshuttle to design and develop a range of sustainable, green, urban transport solutions. Working with innovative designers, my ambition to bring these products to fruition is now reality.”

Source: Fleetworld

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