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Navigating Pedestrian Zones with Cityshuttle's Advanced Safety Technology

Updated: Jun 13

What sets Cityshuttle apart is its commitment to using advanced safety technology to ensure smooth and secure operations while using roads and pedestrian zones.

AI cameras fitted to every vehicle giving 360 view
AI cameras fitted to every vehicle giving 360 view

AI Cameras: My Extra Pair of Eyes

One of the first things you will notice about Cityshuttle is the array of AI cameras installed around the vehicle to allow a 360 view. These aren't just any cameras; they're designed to monitor the bikes surroundings continuously. As we travel through busy pedestrian zones, the AI system diligently detects and identifies pedestrians, cyclists, and other potential obstacles in real-time. It's like having an extra pair of eyes that can predict movement patterns and alert the driver to take proactive measures, ensuring that everyone around is safe.

Camera in operation - what the rider sees
Camera in operation - what the rider sees (one camera view)

Automotive-Standard Lights: Shining Bright for Safety

Visibility can make all the difference when navigating crowded areas, and Cityshuttle nails this with its automotive-standard lights by Truck-Lite, the worldwide leader in advanced LED lighting systems for commercial trucks, trailers and heavy-duty vehicles. With over 250 patents, also an innovation epicentre for the transportation and defence industries. These lights ensure the bikes will always be visible, regardless of the time of day, provide maximum illumination without causing glare, making the vehicle movements clear and predictable. This is particularly reassuring when I'm traveling during early mornings or late evenings when visibility can be a challenge.

EVAS Sounder: Sound Alerts Done Right

Unlike the startling blare of traditional horns, the EVAS Sounder emits a distinct, non-intrusive sound that alerts pedestrians of the shuttle's presence. This thoughtful approach ensures that while pedestrians are aware of the shuttle, they aren't startled or alarmed. It's a perfect balance, especially in busy urban environments where maintaining a calm atmosphere is crucial.

White Noise Signals: Gentle and Effective Warnings

Operating in pedestrian zones requires a delicate balance between safety and noise pollution. Cityshuttle addresses this with white noise signals. These signals provide a gentle yet effective warning to pedestrians, letting them know the vehicle is approaching. The white noise is directional, ensuring that only those in the immediate vicinity hear it. This feature confirms that while we are prioritising safety, we are also being considerate of the urban soundscape.

Driver Voice Alerts: Clear and Direct Communication

Communication is key, and Cityshuttle excels in this area with driver voice alerts. These pre-programmed messages inform pedestrians when the vehicle is turning left or right. Hearing a clear, human voice warning about turns feels personal and intuitive. It’s like having a friendly nudge reminding everyone to stay alert. This feature significantly will reduce the risk of accidents or near misses in pedestrian zones.

Telematics Reporting: Ensuring the Best Driving Practices

Safety is an ongoing commitment, and Cityshuttle's use of telematics reporting is a testament to this. The system monitors and analyses driver behaviour, collecting data on various driving parameters such as speed, braking patterns, and adherence to traffic rules. This data is used to provide targeted training and identify risky behaviours. There is a continuous effort to improve and maintain high safety standards.

Embracing a Safer Urban Future with CityShuttle

The integration of AI cameras, automotive-standard lights, Evas Sounder, white noise signals, driver voice alerts, and telematics reporting ensures that every journey is as safe as possible. We are setting a new standard for urban mobility, proving that with the right technology, we can create a safer, more efficient urban environment for everyone.

Cityshuttle is more than just getting from point A to point B—it's about embracing a future where safety and technology go hand in hand. Whether you're an operator, regular commuter or in a pedestrian zones, Cityshuttle offers a reliable and safe experience that sets your mind at ease.

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